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Cat Pretending To be a Human


Reacción de un gato

Veamos la reacción de este gato en el siguente video :O

Posted by Todo Gatos Fashion on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I found it on Facebook ahhhahaha :))) Good morning!

Wildfire in Greece. And tropical hot weather in Amsterdam


wildfireToday I’ve spoken to a friend. I didn’t watch the news yesterday. She said about wildfires in Greece.

In the talk there was mentioned that this happens every year. Some people got caught for making a fire on purpose and they are left free. I just saw on last news, that there are 74 deaths. Somebody mentioned that some tourists, including Dutch people, were among the victims.

I couldn’t believe that this can happen! And that this can happen just few kilometers away… Sometimes you even don’t know, how close the death would come to you, your family and friends. It is very sad…..

The summer in Amsterdam is also unusually hot there. It is up to +34 this week. I wish I was there to enjoy this heat, because in all 11 years I have lived in Holland I have never experienced any hotter temperature than +31. The winter 2018 was unusually cold as well.

Italo train Naples to Rome: 300 km/hour


There is something I have experienced today that I haven’t experienced before.
It was a trip with Italo train from Naples to Rome.
The distance of about 195 kilometers it covered in a little bit more than 1 hour.
And it reached the speed of 300 kms/hour. Strange that in Holland there is no any train that would go such fast.

Circumvesuviana, or No Train is the best option


After having lived in Athens for 6 months I thought that the worst public transport was there. But!!! Not according to me, according to other people on internet.

Guys! Try local trains Circumvesuviana in Naples!!! IT IS TERRIBLE. No schedule for the trains, no screen information, very messy mean of the public transport. It is really bad.

So, in my opinion, the first day impression from Naples, the difference between Greece and South Italy is that in Greece there are no rules and not much symptoms of modern civilisation, like ticket control etc. In Italy it is absolutely the same mess, but multiplied on something that is called modern civilisation infrastructure. As a result, it doesn’t work at all. I don’t see public transport in Nea Polis at all.

Easyjet flight Athens Naples

Naples athens

Naples athensJust came on board of an EasyJet flight from Athens to Naples. Yeah I checked its about 800 kilometers. It’s a little bit more than from omsk to Novosibirsk.
The neighbors, an Italian older couple in their 50s were sitting there already.
Omg I can’t believe I have lived so long and have never been in Italy yet.
I’ll write more later.

Budget Travel in Russia


I am not a big Youtube (or TV) watcher – I am a guy who tend to read more, giving his imagination space to go its way. So watching TV is a little bit difficult for my concentration.
But yesterday have found Youtube videos of a Russian guy Oleg Prikhodko from Yekaterinburg and I am still watching it.
He calls his videos “amateur documentary”. They have some story background, some historical data and some beautiful images.
Once again I realized that Russia is so big and beautiful! They have actually everything. Kolyma, Magadan, Yakutia, Kolysky peninsula – a collection of Iceland, Scotland, Ireland. And a small town of Kirovsk like a small town in Switzerland Alps.
I actually wanted to see Iceland and Switzerland, but maybe I’d first try to go to Russia. The same views and probably not so expensive.
Web Site
Youtube Channel

Naples Public Transport


Having a sleepless night I am checking AirBnb and booking.com web-sites and search for information about means of public transport in Naples, Italy.

A web-site of Holly Willmott, an English teacher for British Council, and other co-authors, “Napoli Unplugged”, has extended information not only about Napoli, but also about the public transport.

According to this information, and having in mind my coming trip, the hourly tickets Biglietto Orario of 1,50 euro (as per 2015 for a 90 minutes trip within the city limits of Napoli might be probably the most convenient tickets for me.

I will be in Naples for two nights, 29 till 31st of May and two nights more from 3rd till 5th June, thats why the weekly ticket Biglietto Settimanale I don’t really need.

Plus, I will need a bus from and to airport, Unico Alibus. The price for the trip is 5 euro.


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