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Having a sleepless night I am checking AirBnb and booking.com web-sites and search for information about means of public transport in Naples, Italy.

A web-site of Holly Willmott, an English teacher for British Council, and other co-authors, “Napoli Unplugged”, has extended information not only about Napoli, but also about the public transport.

According to this information, and having in mind my coming trip, the hourly tickets Biglietto Orario of 1,50 euro (as per 2015 for a 90 minutes trip within the city limits of Napoli might be probably the most convenient tickets for me.

I will be in Naples for two nights, 29 till 31st of May and two nights more from 3rd till 5th June, thats why the weekly ticket Biglietto Settimanale I don’t really need.

Plus, I will need a bus from and to airport, Unico Alibus. The price for the trip is 5 euro.
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