About Me

Hi there! I’m writing a diary about my life in lockdown number 2 in Athens, Greece. My aim is to write at least one very short post with a photo for every day of the second lockdown. It would help me to have at least some goal and get patience to wait till the better times would come

Later I discovered that counting days (currently I am counting days of the second lockdown in Athens) is quite an interesting idea. First of all, you can count other days as well. Like the days when you’ve been going out last time. Or the days after your last hungover when you said to yourself “No more getting drunk ever again”. Or the days that you still have to work before the next holidays. Or the days after you have met with your girlfriend or boyfriend who lives apart.

Eventually I gradually understood that based on that idea of “counting days” I started to think about far more things than just living in an isolation in the second lockdown in Athens, the capital of Greece.

When One Thought Give a Birth to the Many New

Today I asked myself what it is for me to be a man over forty? Why I found it very difficult to accept the fact that I’ve crossed the important age border in my life and have become someone 40+? Why I have found myself multiple time difficult accepting becoming thirty? Or twenty? What is the point of “COUNTING the DAYS or YEARS”?

Basically the life in general happens just once. As well as any day of the life is a unique day no matter you are in your 30’s, or 40’s. It has never happened before nor will it ever happen again.

When I Arrived to Athens, I Have Become a Philosopher

So lets consider that I live “just for today”. Every day should be different from the other ones no matter how many were given to you.

And of course as any human being I do want these days to be as many as possible. And in order to improve the counting score (as they say, accept what you can not change and change the things that you can change), I started to define the topics that might help me to build a better and healthier attitude towards the life of a “Regular Man Of Over 40”.

These topics are health, fitness, wellness, sport, travel, healthy food, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, team sport. LGBTQ+ community for men 30+, relationships for men 30+, psychological state of men 30+… And these are just few of the things that I am passionate about.