Gabbi Tuft Instagram Account Review

This MTF person in the process of transition do post some interesting stories and IGTV on my bookmarks on Instagram and I decided to devote my first post about Gabbi Tuft

Gabbi Tuft Instagram Account Review in own words

Gabbi Tuft – the Official Instagram Account of Gabbi Alon Tuft

According to the media news that are available on Internet, the former WWE wrestler Gabbi Tuft comes out as transgender, and the news about it was published in several internet media channels.

Personally I do like looking at the stories of Gabbi Tuft on her official instagram account. Her stories and small IGTV cooking shows during which she speaks to her followers are really cheerful and many thanks to Gabbi Tuft for that!

Probably, idea has come from another famous person who is MTF and has finished transition years before that, Caytlin Jenner, the who’s instagram posts might have inspired Gabbi for an idea of a cooking show.

Nevertheless, I’d definitely recommend to follow the official Instagram account of Gabbi Taft who’s purpose not only to go through some difficult times of transition but also to support other Transgenders. As a good example of emotional pressure Gabbi has during her transition period has she posted a sincere post at the end of the day she’d have taken up her hair and make up off crying on the masculine features starring back in the mirror at her.

Official Instagram Account of Gabbi Tuft click here

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