House Swap and Sublet for Digital (and not only) Nomads

I just got an idea. Well, I have to say, my head is full of ideas, especially during the lockdown 2 in Athens, Greece, because there are not many things that we can do during the isolation and, especially, the night curfew 21.00 – 05.00.

Just before the Chrsitmas 2020, probably the most crazy one in all history, the families are getting together. Digital nomads, who are luckily and happily partnered, continuing traveling or just staying together somewhere else. But what about guys and girls like me, who are single, and in their 30s, or 40s and still want to travel and escape at least geographically to another locations.

Being a single guy, who has (but not owns) the places in Athens, Greece and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I have to say, that coming Chrsitmas 2020 is a kind of the most uncertain Christmas for me.

As many other nomads, I do have, besides responsibilities for these two places in Athens and Amsterdam, a little bit of network of people who are nomads, travellers, local people, single and partnered, who have to rent a place but also those who own the place.

Me personally I am surrounded by bills and responsibilities for two places. Yes I do sublet a place in Amsterdam with some space for me staying there for a short time due to lack of privacy. I do have a contract on my name and this organisational things take some of my time every month. And I rent a 1BR place here in Athens, Greece. But now due to some circumstances I need to go to Amsterdam. Also, one of the guys from the two bedrooms is moving out and I need to find someone else to take the bedroom over.

Because mostly I do prefer to stay in Athens. Only with the current lockdown 2 here in Greece I realised that I miss Netherlands. It is very nice in the winter time, especially just before Christmas. Well I feel very nice myself being a single guy, and all the Christmas decorations there, unlike Athens and the current quarantine situation in Greece, gives me a very good mood (although I miss snow!!!).

So this time I might try to sublet my 1BR on a weekly basis. Basically just one of my friends is also staying temporary in Athens. That’s why I thought about offering him. And not really because of money.

I just thought that there would be nice to have such a great private community for people who preferably know each other

Imagine how great would it be to be able to freely move around through the network of trusted sub-letters and trusted people without touching AirBnBs? Not all the time we as the people who do rent, want to sublet it on AirBnB or Facebook, therefore making it available for strangers. Also, it is not only the money matters (because like in my current place in Athens there is no heating, the heating is only through the AirCo and the electricity is crazy expensive here in Greece). But also about the endless possibilities and trust which would be great to have upon this network.

Maybe that would be promising a sort of a feeling to have a “family and home away from home”? In different places in Europe. Just my quarantine thoughts 🙂

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