My 8 Health Habits and Life Changes in My Life of Man Over 40 in 2020

My 8 Health Habits and Life Changes in My Life of Man Over 40 in 2020

Health Habits Rules in Life is the Motto for the Next Year For Me!

Life of a man over 40 is changing, but everyone wants to have a healthy life. I see that my life is changing in many ways. Lockdown 2020 that I have experienced in Athens, Greece (twice) and in Amsterdam, Netherlands, helped me to re-estimate my life values and change many things. I actually was a little bit experimenting with some unhealthy habits but in the end I realised I’d love to live a long healthy life. Healthy Habits is the golden rule.

That is just one of many reasons that gives me hope that life of a men after forty does exist.

Having turned 42 on 20 January 2020 and during all the problematic pandemic 2020 year I was seeing many examples of how my life and also my health habits were changing. Okay. They [health and life habits] just started to change in 2020 slowly but surely.

Traveling at 40s becomes a healthy habit. More quality and less quantity. Lockdown 2020 helped:)

traveling in 2020 for me, a guy from amsterdam who lives in athens, Greece, was problematic due to coronavirus

Before my 40th and in my 40’s I have travelled a lot. Absolutely any trip, boarding on a plane would be the best adventure for me. Even if I’d ended up landing in an unknown place where I’d be robbed, for example, because I didn’t know features about many countries, cultures, it was still a wish for me to go. It is quite unhealthy life habit, is it? Go somewhere just because you want to go somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, I love getting excited about new places and things. I just a little bit more conscious about myself, about what I like and what I don’t like. I know better my taste for activities, cities, cultures, food. Isn’t that just another great thing about turning 40?

In my 20’s I have wasted a lot of money, nerves and time on traveling to the places that were not meant to be “my places”. Gosh, in some places I have lived even for weeks and months. In one country I have lived fo years and even was engaged in a relationship. How they call it? Co-dependent? No idea… Why did I do all these unnecessary movings? My cousin from Germany was asking me, what I have been looking for? I guess I did all of it just to learn myself more. Yes, I made many mistakes and took wrong turns. Now, in the beginning 40s I like to visit the places that I love and meet the people who I love. Quality over quantity is another rule of a health habit of a man over 40. Cool? Let’s continue.

I do believe now that happy and healthy life of a men over 40 exists

In 2016 I moved back to Amsterdam and started to travel extensively. 2016 – Gran Canaria

Life of a men over 40 exists, a long healthy life, full of health habits, that should become a life rule. And I want to prove it to myself over and over again. Just few examples from my personal life experience. When I was turning 40, I got quite depressed. My mind stuck on a number 40. It was like a constant thought: “You are done”. And now, at 42, I prefer to look at more positive sides of life, being 40s. Well, to say the truth, we are not getting any younger.

I’m not afraid anymore to settle down in another country. If not now, then when? I’m not afraid to find a partner and settled down together. If not now stopping casual one-night stands, then when? I’ve done a way too many and I am just exhausted and spending Christmas 2020 alone, because my family is far away.

Anyway, I will never be 40 (or 35, or 25) ever again, so what is the point of crying of something that is gone forever? Better I live just for today. With some strategical exemptions.

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After turning forty I became more conscious about unhealthy habits

Decided to give up alcohol completely and become smoking free.

Lokdown and lockdown 2 that arrived unexpectedly to practically any country in the world, made me spending more and more time with myself. Personally I didn’t find it too difficult. I started to do the things that I have never done before, or I have done just a little bit. Yes, finally I started watching Netflix (although I was more a guy who prefer reading books over than watching something) and I was playing some computer games that I have not played in years!

In 2020 being in the beginning 40s eventually I decided to have a very critical look at my unhealthy habits. I decided that if I am hopeless to keep them under controle then it is better to through them away. After experimenting all the year long and getting some actual health problems I started very consciously realising that life is still good without smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Life just started to have a little bit different taste. I am still on my way to improve my physical health but after some tryings, small wins and mistakes I have decided to stick to not using any of these anymore. It is just my choice. Lastly, at 40s I understood I would not mind to live another 40 years, if that will be given to me. Thats why better to stop now than never.

After turning 40 I started to think that having children is wonderful

With lovely Alba a friends dog in Amsterdam December 2020

At 42 I am thinking that having children is not that bad, it is wonderful and it is also a healthy and wise habit to be able and to want to give something to your children. Yes, I am not a lucky one guy who has a partner, a house, two cars in the garage and many children, but eventually I realise that if I would have all of these above, it would be fantastic. Children, own or adopted, are wonderful, they are continue of myself. Before turning 40 I never have thought about this fact, but now I do. The most important that I could give to the children are not my house (but it is important, of course!) or a fancy car, but my life experience and the way how I look at the things.

After all, if I am not lucky to get a partner at 42, I guess I am brave enough to think about taking this responsibility and getting a dog. I love dogs, do you?

At the beginning 40’s another health habit acquired: geolocation settled.

Just before Christmas 2020 I was flying back to Athens from Amsterdam

In last 17 years, starting 2003, I have lived in 9 different cities of 5 countries. From my 25th to my 40th I actually was not sure where I would like to live. I moved from one place to another. I started something new somewhere. After I was getting more settled down, I wanted to go away and find something better somewhere else in a hope that it is going to change my life. But I guess I was not able to change myself till my 40th birthday. At 40’s it is now the time to acquire some healthy attitude towards the life:)))

I still am kinda living between two countries, between two cities – Athens and Amsterdam. But after having spent a month back in the Netherlands I clearly understand that it will be getting more and more difficult to continue “living in two places”. My heart belongs to Greece. This is the place where I would like to continue growing my roots. In last three years Greece in its simple traditional and cute way was healing my broken soul. It is not the most comfortable place on Earth but the most loving one for me. It gives a hope to have a healthy and happy life here.

In the end, 40’s is the new 30’s. Sounds like a health habit?

My blogsfeeds says that 40’s is the new 30’s

I personally stick to the saying that 40’s is the new 30’s rather than 20’s as other people might suggest. It is another Health Habit for me in 2020! Being in the beginning 40’s I can more relate to many 30+ rather than 40+. I don’t know why. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t accept my own age of 42. Yes, I am still trying at least to accept my age given in my ID. I think being surrounded by people of their 30’s still give me more motivation to follow a healthy and sporty life style of a younger generation. Is it that bad? I realised that at 42 I am not that old to first time join a team sport club. If not now, then when? If I am supposed to break my leg during the match at 42, it could have happened even if I was 25.

On other hand being a man over 40, I do have more life experience rather than in my 30’s and people in their actual 30s around me. And maybe I do have more money after all, so I can afford more than people in their 30’s. And I am feeling that in 21st century being 40s is not the same like being 40s even 20 years ago. Do you agree?

After turning 40 I was not afraid to start a new career. Healthy or unhealthy?

And in 2017 I was in the beginning to start working remotely

After many trials and errors during 10 last years of my life in the Netherlands I just moved to Greece and started working remotely. I am still living in both countries but I spend more time in Greece. I know that financially and career wise Greece can not compete with the Netherlands. But finally I understand that not money is the goal of my life. I am living a happy life without having much of money. It helps to have the euros, of course.

In the last years in the Netherlands I was working in web-development in different companies. But what I love to do more is to explore places and things that I see around, I love going on an adventure and share my experiences with others. I do love creating content although I am not that good in selling my content. And English obviously is not my native language. So why I can not change it now? If not at 40, then when? I think I have enough professional skills and if I do not know something, I can learn. Basically for the next year I hope that changing a work path at 40’s completely is still a healthy habit rather than unhealthy.

Health habit for 2020: think twice. A story behind a cover up tattoo

Am I happy with my coverup tattoo? What you think?

As a direct consequence from some unhealthy life habits before my 40’s I got a little bit damage on my arm. That I wanted to cover up with a nice tattoo. Before checking on internet the tattoo ideas and choosing something that I would really love, I was basically psychologically attacked by some unprofessional tattoo artist who was eager to do any tattoo (ASAP) just because that person needed some cash. My wrong, I was not very psychologically strong to cope with that. I couldn’t say NO. And as a result I got a tattoo which was not liked by anyone around me and eventually was hated by me.

So it took a lot of my thoughts this year about my bad tattoo. I suffered and I was drowning in obsessive thoughts about removing ugly tattoo. I spent hours on internet doing researches on topics of laser removal and the cost of it.

But eventually at my 40s I made a cover up tattoo. I was lucky one to meet a great tattoo artist. The cover-up was liked by practically everyone and finally by me too. It is nice. Of course it is a cover up and it is not a tattoo on a clean skin. But it also represents how difficult (and painful) it was to finish it and close the door behind obsessive thoughts about my appearance. Healthy Habit is to think twice before doing something.

At my 42 I am finally more in peace with myself. I accept myself, my appearance, my sexuality, my age, my health, the country that I have chosen to live in and also the country where I was born.

Quality is finally more important than quantity. Quantity of friends, cities I have visited, goals in life and $$ on my bank account. Quality of my life that can not be counted in $$ (but more $$ helps surely:)

In the end as they say, the age is just a number.

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