My Heron Electricity Google Review

A copy of my google review of the Heron Electricity company in Athens, Greece

Unfortunately I have to give an extremely negative experience to Heron Electricity in Athens the client of whom I’ve been for the period of 2019-2020. Never have had any problems with payments from my foreign credit card but the service that I’ve received from Heron not was only unpleasant but also insulting and incurred in some of my financial losses bearing in mind all the stress I have received because of Heron in the last two days, 17-18 of March 2021.
I’ve been renting an apartment in Athens and in February I decided to go back to the Netherlands, the country where I came from. I notified the owner of the apartment at Machis Analatou that I’m leaving the flat on March 16. I also sent a signed form to Heron that I’d like my electricity to stop being delivered from 17th of March.
I received a response from Afroula, a CS of Heron in English where she asked me to put a date in the form. The form was in Greek but she translated everything to me in English.
So that made me think that there’s some of working CS In heron.
Because of COVID I got problems to fly on 16th of March. I just didn’t know that 15th of March was a day off in Greece and 14th of March was Sunday. It would be too difficult for me to arrange a 72 hour PCR test in order to enter the Netherlands.
I paid another amount of money to the owner of the apartment at Machis Analatou 63 to be able to stay there till 31st of March and also on 5th March (on photo) I sent another email to Heron to ask to interrupt electricity on 31st of March.
After that I’ve never have heard from Heron. Not about that electricity would be stopped on 17th of March neither on 31st of March.
But when I came home on 17th of March, I saw there was no electricity at all.
It took me hours of phone calls with Heron. They could not give me any information precisely when I’d be able to get electricity back?
It happened around 13.00 on 17th of March and understanding that nothing would change I first paid for 1 Airbnb 17-20 March and after Heron offered me to “make a new contract for an indefinite time and wait up to 4 days for electricity to be reconnected” I had to take another Airbnb till 31st of March.
So in these circumstances I lost about 400 euros and wrote an email to Heron asking to reimburse my losses.
There were only two answers they gave to me yesterday:

  1. Very complicated explanation of how Heron departments work together with public electricity providers (it took maybe 90% of the phone call)
  2. “We won’t give you money”, that was a last brutal answer of a Heron CS that made me to hang up.
    No any excuses were given yesterday not in verbal neither written form. That made me feeling very sad and frustrated.

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