Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown3. Day 23. Homelessness

On one of the websites on Google Search Homelessness does even have different categories. But I from my own experience want to tell what does my own homelessness mean to me.

How I have become a homeless in Athens. Easy. Because I live in two places and I really live in none of them.

Today I didn’t want to wake up. I actually realised why all the homeless people and drug addict on Omonoia are always sleeping? In my experience I thought today that life sometimes gets so harsh that like today I didn’t want to wake up at all. And of course I am not thinking about suicide.

At least I was so lucky to fall asleep again around 4.30 AM when at 2.30 AM M came to knock to my room to wake me up and to ask to switch the air condition because it was “not normal”, “Take it easy”, – he said. I felt really cold and in the nights and days like recent days in Athens it is really cold to me, when the temperature doesn’t rise above +10.

Well, for now I cancelled this reservation on 9th of April. When I already was again trying to fall asleep (I asked second blanket but still it was cold), I couldn’t sleep because in my mind I already was wrapping around the thoughts about the review on AirBnB that I want to leave for M.

M – funny – the name is absolutely the same, like for the first M back in 2017. But I will tell more about coincidences in my life next time.

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