Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 24. The choices

On the day 24 I decided to step up a little bit from the previous four philosophical posts and write more something real.

Its about the choices that I’ve made. Not only the choices that connected to an abrupt cut of electricity at Machis Analatou 63 by Heron Electricity, the company that’s office is located in northern Athens.

But about the choices that I’ve made in my life in general. And I’ll start with a choice why I have come to Greece.

I came to Greece very spontaneously. Spontaneous is an adverb that’s describing many things and situations in my previous life. This poor but beautiful southern Mediterranean country has never been on my list of countries that I’ve been planning to visit. Till September 2017 while on the train to Almere I was initially contacted by M. from Samos. That was kind of a decision making day for me back in September, 2017. Not because of M but because of that obligatory trip to Almere from Amsterdam. The trip requires additional story.

Basically M was a beautiful catalysator from a beautiful island. So, instead of going to stay on down shifting basis somewhere in Spain that was kind of known to me, in October 2017 I first time came to Samos for 4 days.

I was flying through Athens. Amsterdam – Athens and Athens – Pythagoreo. The stop over was just 2 hours. But two hours it’s been enough for me to go outside of Eletherios Venizoles airport. Enough to see people sitting on the benches (the bigger passenger block wasn’t built yet then). Enough to smell the air, feel the sun, to see beautiful men and women less beautiful and get an idea that I’d like to see more of the city of Athens.

But i got on the plane and met with M, in samos, returned to Amsterdam and came to Athens again two weeks later for 5 days.

Coming back to today. I’m currently sitting again in the old apartment at Machis Analatou 63, the apartment with no electricity. I moved out from Airbnb at terrible Omonoia district and waiting.

This is another feature of my life. Impatience. I just can’t wait. I’ve never learned how to. But it’s an idea for another post. Cheers!

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