Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 26. Looking Inside Myself

Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 26. Looking Inside Myself

So another day and just another note in my lockdown diaries which is connected to my Instagram account of @ hollandliveart. And today’s post is connected to my yesterday’s post about Struggle because I do Struggle and first of all I Struggle with

I Struggle with Myself

It is a very logical continuation of my yesterday’s post. Because before thinking about struggling with something else I better check myself and why I am not in Peace with myself?

Because I don’t like some features of myself. Lets call it “My Behavioural Weaknesses”. By thoroughly researching upon my “My Behavioural Weaknesses”, I would be more ready towards their correction to a “Psychological Image” of myself that I love more. I guess its never too late:) But, i order to do that, I really need to have a sincere feeling and sense of Myself.

Well I am not a psychologist neither a specialist of psychoanalysis. Surely I know there are some 12-steps programs. I just share my own prospective of the things. And my followers and my own environment, my activities and my role in them just really help me a lot in doing that. So thank you so much dear followers!

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