Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 27. Struggle!

Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 27. Struggle!

And a Happy Fool Day, too!

Hello Dear Followers who are reading my Lockdown Diaries on this blog and on the page on Facebook. I also publish stories on Instagram so I am very happy that you send me messages, like my posts and it gives me enormous motivation to go further improving this blog:)

So Today is My Day 27th of my Lockdown Diaries. As you see I count the days of my Lockdown Diaries backwards. Because I am kinda tired of counting it forward.

And the topic of the Day 27 of the Lockdown 3 (Athens, Greece currently) is

My Struggle

As I have said yesterday, the only goal of my blog is not to show off my life, but to share my experience with Struggle. I do know that almost anyone in our world often or seldom do struggle. The only difference is how different people go through it. Well, I will tell honestly, I DO IT VERY BAD. But I assume that there might be people in this world who even have it worse. Isn’t it that sharing my own experience can help them, too? That would really make me a little bit happier and this would be one of the greatest achievements in my life. Besides, I can assume that while helping others to become better by sharing my experience, it will help me to become a petter human myself.

Oh yes I know what does word mean. Struggle.

I struggled and continue struggling with many things in my life. I struggle with

  • Coronavirus
  • Lockdown (try not to think about it anymore)
  • Netherlands
  • Greece
  • Weather
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Boyfriends
  • Girlfriends
  • Greece
  • Athens
  • Amsterdam (coming back soon)
  • Rotterdam (moved out years ago)
  • My parents and my family (we live in different worlds and countries)
  • This website
  • My diet
  • My sport Team (little to none activities in the past 6 months)
  • My Fitness Trainer
  • My work coach
  • Dutch Infrastructure
  • My social life
  • My Friends (if there are any)
  • My country
  • My apartment (no any at the moment)
  • My wallet and my finances (little to survive at the moment)
  • Cryptocurrency Trends (needs another discussion)
  • My addictions (working on it)
  • My smoking and drinking habits (in the process)
  • My weight (gave up)
  • My Sexuality (Not appropriate in Lockdown)
  • My Appearance (Don’t care anymore)
  • The person who helps to develop this website (He is a Dumb)
  • With myself

I can continue but I struggle with everything because I just struggle with my life starting from my early childhood. What I gonna do with my struggle? I need to think it over….

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