Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 28

Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 28

Moving between cities isn’t something new to me. But because now I really have few goals in life (god help me:) I prefer to settle in just one place. At least it’s better work-, financial-, social- and organizational wise.

So I’ve lived (and worked) in 6 countries and 9 cities:










Well, I’ve been asking myself many times.

Who I am?

What’s my identity?

What’s my nationality?

What’s my sexuality?

What’s my political preference?

Which country I like most?

Which kind of work I’d like to do the most?

Many questions and none of them has a definite answer…

so I guess it’s kind of a very common thing for those who consider themselves millennials.

If you are a Millennial just like me, then we have many things in common:)

I can give multiple answers to all these questions above. But one of the goals right now is just to minimise the quantity of these answers and making them more clear helps to stay sane.I’m in the process and if the things that I say here interesting to you as well check my stories on Instagram

My lockdown diaries Instagram account check here –

@ hollandlive – Russian

Well, this is the original instagram account I have opened in 2013, the year when I got my first Sony XPeria Smartphone. Currently I am aiming to develop it further for readers in Russian language.

@ hollandliveart – English

Well, this is the second instagram account I have opened in 2017, the year when I have started traveling frequently. Currently I am aiming to develop it further for readers in English language. I got some extra kick with the Lockdown 2 which I started in Athens, Greece, and escaped to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got tons of stories to tell. The idea isn’t to show off my life but just to share my experience with the things in life. If that would help to other people who struggle then that would make me a little bit happier. Isn’t that just a one of the meanings in our lives, especially in COVID era.

Lockdown Diaries. Update 02.04.2021

– I do have a Facebook page, too. But I am in the process of merge it with another page. Hope it will be successful.

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