Lockdown 2. Day 14

Lockdown 2. Day 14

Lockdown 2 in Athens, Greece, continues! And I continue counting days!

This morning there is no rainbow out of my window. It is very chilly and feels really cold although it is not colder than +13 degrees Celsius. And that should, for me, as a guy who has grown up in South-western Siberia, seem like a very warm weather! But since I am almost three years living in Athens, I guess I got used to the Greek weather, am I? I am just becoming a little bit Greek day by day! And I am also like all other Greeks stuck in Lockdown 2.0 in my apartment, without many opportunities to go outside without sending a text message that would explain the reason, why I would go outside. All unnecessary movements even around the city are restricted.

One one side, it feels good, especially in the night. At 21.00 the nights curfew begins, everything is closed and movement are forbidden till 05.00 am. I have never seen the city of Athens, normally very noise, chaotic, full of life, so abandoned and quiet. But that is a really good for me to be able to concentrate and work during the late hours. Greeks, normally, have peaks of their activities after the sunset, in the late evening and in the night.

That could be explained, probably, with the very high temperatures during the afternoon hours, especially in the summer months. I am asking myself, what they are doing now, being all stuck in their homes? Do they watch Netflix? Play board games?

Or maybe the stay on Social Media, talking with their friends and families? Just to stay connected in the lockdown 2 Greeks are extremely open and very communicative. I like it yes, and this intensive feeling of being alive, I guess the most that attracts me to stay permanently in Greece. Live every moment and use every day like that is the last day for me on Earth. Take the most of life.

But, on other side, I also see, how much time I do spend online. Lockdown 2 just increases these levels of using the SM (Social Media:) How big part of my life is taken (and not always in the most useful way), by social media. Yesterday I started began watching a documentary on Netflix – “Social Dilemma”. About also harmful influence and health danger, especially, addictive nature of the Social Media on people. But uhm if Social Media is also a part of my daily work? Just questions.

Another very good episode of the “Black Mirror” series I saw on Netflix just couple of days ago. It was “Nosedive”. It was a little bit exaggerated and futuristic-surrealistic image of people using and being driven by social networks. numbers are everything, the persona itself is nothing. But surely SM (Social Media) does a great job to connect people, in such a difficult times, like now, when many families are set apart from the loved ones because of restrictions. How to find the way to be able to use the SM in a healthier, non-addictive way. I guess I would need to check Tim Kendall and his Momentum, which CEO he is, again. That is the app that helps adults and children use SM and apps in a healthier way. Got that info from googling his name yesterday.

I guess writing this blog helps me to distract from misusing the Social Media. That is the great thing that I am gaining now during lockdown 2 🙂

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