Quarantine 2. Day 1

Quarantine 2. Day 1

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So yesterday it was the last day of freedom. Here in Athens where I live. Its capital of Greece and not a town somewhere in the US
And the last day of freedom seemed to me like people were preparing for war? There were lines everywhere. In the shops. Crowds on the streets. Crowds in the metro and trolleys. Chaos on the roads. Well let’s say the chaos was more chaotic yesterday than just a regular chaos of Athens.
Well. And the weather was crying together with people. It was cold, windy and grey! Like the nature didn’t want to go into the lockdown, too!
And today is the first day of the quarantine number 2. As people who live alone and actually not having a family anywhere around 5000 km I have to say yeah. It’s a kind of isolation. Real isolation in a modern world. In a city inhabited with millions of people it seems very surreal. Like I’m now living in a kind of movie where I’m both the director and the only actor!
Good sides of it are
– I don’t have any temptation to go out every day as I had it before 😊
– I teach myself to lay down all the day on my bed drinking coffee, watching TV and read a book which I download yesterday.

Hehe it’s like a modern Robinson Cruzo. Φιλάκια 😘

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  1. Jerry

    You were in Lockdown 2 in Athens. You are lucky to have more good weather and you are near the beach.We had a first Lockdown in March 2020. A second since Dec.2020,and a Curfew from last week till 10 Febr. From 21.00 till 05.30.Many dont want. People,also old,most young, destroyed shops, supermarkets, a Station in Einhoven. to have Freedom back. They are Crazy! Its not like ww2.its 2021..Other conditions. Other countries have 18.00 and 19.00,like in France,Switz In Switz. they had Curfew from 11 Dec.till 23 Jan.2021 without crazy trouubles. I also stay at home more now. Only to buy food. I don’t need to go to café etc. at night,but many younger people must.

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