Men Over 40 Is a New Men Over 30

Men Over 40 Is a New Men Over 30

When the second lockdown started in Athens, Greece in November 2020, I decided I’d like to write at least one post a day at my blog

That would give me some sense of just counting days of the quarantine. During the time of plenty of restrictions writing has been probably one of very few things what I would be able to afford myself staying in isolation.

Later I discovered that there are plenty more things that interests me except just the counting day of the quarantine. I asked myself what it is for me to be a man over forty? Why I found it very difficult to accept the fact that I’ve crossed the important age border in my life and have become someone 40+?

It is about life of a men after twenty, thirty, forty…. Well, it is about the life as a phenomena in general. But honestly, myself, being a man in the early 40’s I do not really feel like being a “really a man over 40”. Besides, I am still very much connected to the group of men in their 30’s. What is if to be a man of 40 plus is the new “Man over 30”? Logically thinking I am also thirty plus. I am still also interested in the topics that might be interesting to the men in their 30’s.

These topics are health, fitness, wellness, sport, travel, healthy food, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, team sport. LGBTQ+ community for men 30+, relationships for men 30+, psychological state of men 30+… And these are just few of the things that I am passionate about.

I am happy to be 30+ because I gradually, day by day, would love to say in the future that: “Congratulate me, I have done it. I am 40 plus now”! Hopefully I will be able to tell that on the day that by grace of God I would reach my 50th birthday.

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