Nomad Life. Week 1

Nomad life and all its pros and cons can be anything. It can create frustrations and give an extreme satisfaction from a “non-binary” lifestyle. It can be anything but definitely not boring. Especially if you have just started this amazing journey being a single man over 40. And I am very fortunate that I am really just in the beginning of 40s!

So my first week of escaping from the #lockdown2 in Athens, Greece is coming to an end. I returned back to Amsterdam, the city, where I am settled from 2007. I still keep my anchors here. It is my main residence. But the Netherlands, like Greece, is also not a country where I was born.

I wonder now, how many other nomads having this king of nomad life with at least two residences in the countries where they were not born?

This is about my nomad life. From 2007 (and still counting) it is Holland (Amsterdam from 2016), and Athens, Greece, my favourite place, from 2017. So it took me 10 years to figure out that I enjoy more sunny Mediterranean cities more than comfortable but little bit boring and grey Netherlands.

My nomad life, if I think about the last 15 has many downs and ups, more downs than ups, and endless movings. It is actually 17 years, when I started my journey from Omsk, Siberia in 2003.

But, the greatest fun this week for me was to be able to escape from the #lockdown2 in Athens on my 18th day being stuck in the house, like all the rest of people in Greece.

Well, actually, of course, as any single man over 40, who is accepting this kind of nomad life, I had plenty things to do in Amsterdam, but escaping from the #lockdown2 was just an extremely nice bonus. So lets say this week shows me that there was more pros for having a nomad life rather than cons!:)

Happy quarantine! And I am staying for a while in Amsterdam, where the restrictions are far softer rather in Athens. But yes I do miss Athens and my friends and I am looking forward when I will be able to go back to my favourite place on Earth.

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