Lockdown 2. Day 10

Lockdown 2. Day 10

So the day 10 of the second lockdown in Athens, Greece is nearly over! I survived! Is not that already a good thought, something small enough that would make feel someone happy?

I was lucky enough because one of the new friends gave an idea about a bicycle ride today in the direction of Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre. My previous bike was stolen in Athens. Well kinda stolen. I gave it to someone who asked to borrow it from me for the time when I would go back to Amsterdam for few months in 2019. So that guy told me that the bike was stolen. It was really a great “Orient” bike of the blue color with 7 speeds and I’ve been using it a lot back in 2018, my first year in Athens.

So now I have a poor functional bicycle that I used today. I have to say it was very exhausting because the bike is not in a good condition. But because I loved our ride today so much, I began thinking of getting another one.

We went down to the Stavros Niarchos, rode through its amazing park and had a break water break near a small yacht harbour on another side. And finally we arrived to Paralia Mbati. It is a small beach and there were few people swimming. We did swimming too and the water was not so cold as I would have expected! We were swimming, chatting and having fun.

So in this second lockdown I do really try my best to enjoy just very simple things that do not need many efforts, money or time. Like this bicycle ride today. It is nothing but this is something small but pleasant that full fill my life with small moments of happiness and sense. Just a simplicity of the lockdown life.

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