Lockdown 2. Day 11

Lockdown 2. Day 11

The Fall was taking over today in Athens, Greece, and this was my 11th day of the second lockdown in this ancient city, the anchor of the modern European civilisations. Well, sorry guys since English is not my native language, I absolutely can not write a beautiful text rich in its words composition. I wish I could though.

So today it was a kind of chilly day. It was little bit cloudy and it didn’t give me a feeling of me going to the beach, for a “number 6” walk. But since I have spoken with someone before about a possibility to go swimming together, and I did have a wish to go for a walk, I just went.

I have to say that swimming in November in Athens is amazing. It was a little bit windy, and not many people around. Also because of the current lockdown.

For a while I was hesitating should I really go to the water? We enjoyed sitting on the beach and chatting. But then I said to myself, “Yiati Oxi” (greek – “Why not?”). I undressed, took my swimming googles and first time I was in my new #speedos #Kappa. Yeah I spent swimming just not longer than 10 minutes, but two hours later being back at home, I wondered how relaxed I felt.

It was a feeling of a totally another sort of being free of anxiety and stress, another that normally a glass of wine would give. It was some kind of calmness both physically and mentally, the one, when I didn’t feel like “Ah, I want more!”. It was a feeling of a complete satisfaction, when enough is enough, not more, not less.

That was the best feelings about my day 11 in the #secondlockdown in Athens.

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