Lockdown 2. Day 12. Strava Running Challenge

Lockdown 2. Day 12. Strava Running Challenge

Have you heard of some apps that help you to follow up your sport activities and stay connected with other team mates and friends who are also involved in doing the same sport as you?

Well, Strava is one of this apps

Strava doesn’t only help you to keep an eye on the activities that you are doing, measuring speed, calories and other numbers. Strava helps you to participate in different group workouts and do some challenges. In my case, today it was one of the Strava running challenges.

The day today in Athens was kind of chilly. Grey skies, cloudy, windy and rainy sometimes. Have you thought that Greece is only the Greek islands, the endless Greek summer and beautiful Greek sunsets? Oh no, today was a day of Greek Fall. That makes you feeling uncomfortable and wanting to do something to get feeling comfortable again.

So the todays Running Challenge was exactly what I needed in the morning – to feel refreshed, positive, strong again and ready to go through this Greek Grey Fall Day.

So yeah I did it and the Strava running challenge was not so difficult (actually Day Challenge number 4 for my team today). Running 3 kilometres in my own tempo, which I did in 22 minutes. Strava helped me to share my pics on social media.

When I got home I just have eaten some eggs and since I’ve not slept good enough last night, I felt sleepy and I did allow myself to sleep for an extra couple of hours and get back to my daily routine – work and studies (of course everything online in this lockdown 2). I felt refreshed, positive and strong. Thanks to the running challenge this morning. And to Strava who helps to stay connected and still feel connected to a sport team during my qurantine 2 in Athens, Greece.

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