Lockdown 2. Day 13. Double rainbow!
for the 13th day of the lockdown 2 in athens i saw rainbow in my window!

Lockdown 2. Day 13. Double rainbow!

The rainbow, what I saw in the window in the morning of my 13th day of the second lockdown in Athens, Greece, was beautiful. It was actually the double full rainbow, only that the second rainbow was faded. But it still was there, I saw it and I made few photos with my phone. This rainbow really made my day.

Lockdown weather in Athens was kind of “Greek Fall” type today. It was very windy in the morning hours and later in the afternoon. Only in the evening, right now, around 8pm, very close to the starting time of 21.00 – 05.00 curfew, the skies have cleared and there is no wind anymore. For me is also no wish to go outside for a short walk.

I’ve been outside today yeah. Actually I went to my dentist for a check up. Eventually it took quite a lot of time for me. Back at home I did some exercises for our #day5 #stravachallenge and it was really intense.

I spent my day working from home and just finished a free webinar about massage techniques. Quite a busy day, the day 13 of the second lockdown in Athens 🙂

So yes, it is strange to realise how is my life changing right now. How it has been changing in the last few weeks and months. How many things I can do online in order to full fill my life with some kind of sense, goal and passion. Some meaning! Well this is one of the very few positive sides of the quarantine. Being isolated while still living in a big city because of the lockdown restrictions, feeling happy when just seeing a rainbow out of window!

And yes, writing is my real passion. I do realise that English is not my native language, I make mistakes and my language is not so rich as my native Russian. But I am totally enjoying writing, just to sharing my thoughts with the screen of my laptop! I guess, I was born blogger.

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