Lockdown 2. Day 15

Lockdown 2. Day 15

I feel like I am unfortunately getting used to the current situation with the lockdown 2 in Athens, Greece. The time of total limitations.

The night curfew between 21.00 in the lockdown 2 in Athens, Greece is different from the lockdown 1. There was no any curfew as I remember. It is something that I don’t like at all. Moreover although I am not following the news about corona cases much in Athens, just check the new cases volume comparing to the previous days, I don’t see much difference in the days just before the lockdown 2 and in the actual lockdown. But limitations experienced by me are felt really.

Yesterday we did something very illegal. We were walking during the curfew hours around 1.00 am in the forest just to get to another place to sleep. We met few police cars and a couple of police men standing near the building, but fortunately they didn’t stop us. In case of a random check we would face the danger to get fined for 300 euros.

Today I continued following the daily running challenges with the group of some people from our first Athens all inclusive rugby team. That is on other hand very sad to see that we are, the team that was just organised few months before the second lockdown, now already three weeks are not able to meet in person for our “normal” sport activities.

But we have found Strava a good app to keep staying connected and follow each other’s activities.

That is super great is not it?

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