Lockdown 2. Day 16
Greek snacks and dinner

Lockdown 2. Day 16

Lockdown 2 in Athens continues and today is day 16 of the second lockdown in all Greece.

Are you still following this counter of the lockdown days? I personally started to get bored a little bit from all this (crazy and unnecessary) restrictions that they have imposed in Athens. Also many people I suspect misuse the SMS system. Otherwise how would I see just crowds of people in the Alsos park of Nea Smirni early afternoon today?

I still continue our small Strava challenge. And today is our day 8th of the challenge. Oh I have so many days counters and I have to keep an eye at all of them. Lockdown 2 days, sport challenge days. I guess I have some more counters, I just do not remember all of them right now:)

I have to admit there is a very important milestone that I have reached today. It is 90 days. I am very happy and very grateful about it. But yeah it is very much private 🙂 What the sport challenge counting days concerns, the workout today was very intense but I did love it. Because our coach met my wishes to do some exercises for the abs. I kinda started to get little bit fat. The workout program today included 4 sets of planks for both sides and front plank, V – ups and Russian dips that I could not do at #homeworkout . The main workout was 20 burpees, 40 push ups, 80 sit ups, 80 air squats and 20 burpees. Ohhhhh the #pushups and #burpees are the MOST DIFFICULT.

But I have finished my workout. It took me 11 minutes 05 seconds, excluding 3 sets of warming up in the beginning. And after finishing we walked with a friend in the Alsos park and got some hot coffee there after. It is a really cold and grey day in Athens, Greece today!

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