Lockdown 2. Day 8

Lockdown 2. Day 8

So today is the 8th day of the quarantine in Athens Greece. It is time to give my blog a new direction. Because it is the second week of the quarantine!

And this is not the first corona lockdown. We have now it is for the second time. I don’t know about other people but I consider myself more experienced in the quarantine and having a life in almost total isolation so that’s why it is better to take all the opportunities that it gives to me.

What kind of opportunities a man (or woman) in the lockdown has?

The opportunity to concentrate.

Ohhh it is now 5pm in Athens, Greece, it is Saturday and even the market opposite of my house, near Neos Kosmos metro, is already closed. Earlier than normally, around 4pm? And I am having a cup of hot coffee, I listen to some zoom meeting on the background, a Greek TV channel shows something even more quietly and ohhh that is soooo cool! To experience such a momentum of silence in such a crazy, noisy and chaotic city as Athens.

The opportunity to give up my social media addiction.

It might sounds crazy and having no logic. How to decrease the abusive use of the social media? In lockdown? When there are no many other ways to entertain myself? Ahhh just find another hobby that requires attention and help to stick to it. Today I had two periods of some time when I stayed fully concentrated and sticked to something that I was doing. Right now, writing this blog, because writing was always something that I loved. And a little bit earlier, when I was playing chess with another guy through internet. Yeah, I was and I am 100% in there!

What else can become a profit from the living in the quarantine?

I am still thinking about it. What about making priorities? About spending more time and doing more efforts on to developing the contacts that are really important? Like the contacts with my family who live far far away from me. But they are my core even if we geographically are far away apart. And trying to not get involved into some unnecessary contacts? I am also having plenty of them like everyone. What is important and what not?

That is the question I can think about during the second lockdown in Athens, Greece.

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