Lockdown 2. Finished…

#lockdown2 in #athens finished for me yesterday upon landing back to Amsterdam. Staying here now for the moment.

The house is there, where I am.

For now, shops are open again, planes are flying, no #curfew and #numero6 system. No people using #facemask in the shops and of course hardly anyone using a mask on the street.
But yeah, better to stay safe.
I just don’t like when someone “commands” me what to do and what not. I’m responsible myself for my health and don’t need anyobe to instruct me on what to do. And what not. Covering it by “caring about people’s health”. This what I saw in Greece in last weeks. Well just my opinion.

P. S. Basically of course I have plenty of things to do back in Amsterdam, but escaping from a lockdown is such a great bonus :)))

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