Lockdown Athens. Part 2. Day 9

Lockdown Athens. Part 2. Day 9

The day 9 of the second lockdown in Athens is almost finished and it was a kind of easy day. I went for a coffee with F. just really nearby, in Neos Kosmos area for a coffee and chat. He is from Belgium but have Greek ancestors so he is kind of locked down with all Athenians in Athens. But Athens is not a worst place for the lockdown in Europe, even though this second quarantine I suppose more strict than the first one.

The streets in the neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos and Nea Smirni are empty today. Little bit later I went with K who is Australian Greek to the park of Nea Smirni, the Alsos. And it was crowded! It was really full of people exercising and just having walks around.

So I followed the external motivation and I did the same. I was doing some squats and posted my video on my insta. Another FB and a rugby friend L. commented on my squats. I was not doing them correctly. She said that feet can not be lifted while doing squats. Otherwise it is a big chance of an injury.

Apart from having a “nap” of 4 hours (Greek siesta!) between 3pm and 7pm, I have spoken to another friend, A. in the evening and since the lockdown we could not have met because we live in the different Athens suburbs – I live in the South and she lives in the Northern Suburbs in Athens. But we had a very nice talk about her work, our things we are busy with in our lives during the quarantine and exchanged dreams about having a trip to Northern Greece once the lockdown is hopefully over soon.

And yes, after a while I posted something on TikTok.

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