Financial Claim to Heron Electricity


Id like to forward the statement of my financial losses to Heron Electricity

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AFM ************

Electricity cut on Machis Analatou 63 11744 Athens yesterday.

On 5th March I sent my request to heron to cut electricity on 31st of March (email was delivered to heron on 5th March, email below)

Electricity was completely cut off yesterday.
In these circumstances I lost the following amounts of money:

Rent of apartment at machis Analatou 63 (screenshot) – 138 euro
Rent Airbnb – 1 17-20 March – 62 euro

Rent Airbnb- 2 20-31 March – 164 euro.

These financial losses are not induced by any of my fault, furthermore, I’m currently stuck in my work process because I had to free food from defrost fridge and look for another place with internet to connect my working laptop. My wind internet which is also paid till the end of the month is currently not being delivered to me.
Therefore I kindly ask heron to reimburse my financial losses before I’ll decide to make this dirty story available to public through Facebook groups and google reviews of Heron.
Hope I have informed you accordingly 

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