Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 25. My Behavioural Weaknesses

Lockdown Diaries. Lockdown 3. Day 25. My Behavioural Weaknesses

Or how to cope with the “Character Defects”

I just returned from the place at Machis Analatou 63 in Athens, the apartment that I rented and that was paid for and I’ve just posted my last story on Instagram account of @ hollandliveart saying “I wanted to say something honestly…” Stop, for now I decided to have a break. Just pause.

I was already ready to say everything what I was thinking. About Heron Electricity in Athens, Greece, about their Customer Service. In Greece, Athens Office of Heron Electricity is located in Northern Suburbs – you can check their location on the Open Map Here

So I already felt I was angry with organisations, people around me, everything else besides myself that leaded me to the current homeless situation. But because I can not change other things besides my own behaviour and my reactions, my decisions in many situations, I decided to stop just for now and think about myself first. My Behavioural Weaknesses.

Character Defects – this is how this feature of my Behavioural Weaknesses is called in one of the 12-step program. I personally know many people from different programs and I do have knowledge and experience with these programs.

But on my Day 25 for my Lockdown 3 Lockdown Diaries (currently I am still in Athens, Greece) I want to stick to my “Behavioural Weaknesses”. As an employee (-ex actually, I’ve been fired many times), I prefer use the term of “Behavioural Weaknesses” because it is more connected to the work environment rather than “Character Defects”. Which, IMHO is more related to the private side of social life (I don’t have any currently since there is already a half-a-year Lockdown number three in Athens, Greece).

I prefer use “Behavioural Weaknesses” because eventually after I’ve started feeling how Greece Was Healing My Soul, I eventually came to a conclusion that I do have goals in my life. Don’t get me wrong, but money means a lot in modern life and I want to do some work that brings me money.

Haven’t finished this thought just yet, I already have an idea for my next note. It is “Commitment”. Anyway I am updating this blog daily currently so the stuff will be getting a better structure on this blog. I hope. Because, as I said yesterday on Instagram, in the post-corona world it is not easy to make any plans.

PS I currently also updating the part of the story on a Russian Blog which I have updated just recently.

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