“We won’t give you any money” – a brutal response of Heron Electricity

Brutality in the times of unnecessary strict lockdown in Athens, Greece most probably an appropriate answer for the companies and businesses that are loosing money. “We won’t give you any money”, – this was a brutal response to a financial claim of a former customer of Heron Electricity in Athens, Greece on his financial claim he kindly sent to Heron Electricity.

In order to keep the tones in the phone talk with Heron Electricity untouched, the story is told from first person.


If shit happens, then it happens, and it starts looking like it is a chain of shit. So, do you know, what is blockchain? It is technology on which bitcoin is built. As to me, life is also a chain. It is a chain of events, good and bad, and a sum of these events is a unique currency called “LIFE”. But without getting far away from the topic of my story, I want to tell about a small fraction of my life, that I call a “SHIT” chain. To be continued….

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